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Living away from your country can be a really interesting and unforgettable experience, however, even a single word you hear about your country brings you immense pleasure more than anything you enjoy in a foreign land. We, Sri Lankans are always 'Sri Lankans' regardless of where we live. That is why even little information we hear about Sri Lanka turns so precious for us as it helps quench our thirst for knowing about motherland. With this reality in mind we are proud to introduce CeylonUK as an information-rich newspaper that has something to suit every Sri Lankan living in the UK irrespective of any individualities. In an era in which we must endeavour to establish communal harmony, we are launching this trilingual magazine for the benefit of all of us, all Sri Lankans, in the UK. We are certain that you will find CeylonUK a newspaper with a range of features that match your needs and interests and we believe CeylonUK will turn a new page in the annals of media history.

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